Month: January 2018

New color trend for spring…and dogs on beds

New color trend for spring…and dogs on beds

This amazing, trendy new color is a soft pink/dusty rose…call it what you will, but I am in love with it. I bought some linen euro pillow covers at Pottery Barn last fall and a duvet cover (which Milton chewed, but that’s another story) for my […]

The River House…How It Happened

The River House…How It Happened

This house will now be home to the Gimpel family. We will host gatherings, watch fireworks, and possibly walk the stairs, on occasion! I have always wanted views of the river…possibly because I grew up on the St. Croix River in Lakeland and my memories […]

Making Dog Food in a Crock-Pot

Making Dog Food in a Crock-Pot

Yes, you heard me, people! And before you roll your eyes and think I am crazy…give it a try!

It is so easy and actually less expensive than the store-bought grain-free dry food we have been buying Milton Jones.

So, it all started when Milton decided he no longer loved the dry food that he used to inhale when we first brought him home. When he was little, I actually put the food on a cookie sheet so he had to work for it a bit. Watching him eat was like watching a vacuum suck up dirt…it was crazy! The longer we have him (and the fact that he is no longer fighting 3 large pit bulls for his food), the more he has become a bit fussy. So Rick bought some canned food to mix in with Milton’s dry food, trying to make it a little more appealing. I was preparing this first new meal mixing canned and dry, and I’m telling you that canned food was a gelatinous blob of grossness. It was ishy, it smelled, and was not anything resembling food at all. So I hopped on Pinterest, my favorite go-to for almost anything! (If you want to peek at my boards, feel free to follow me on Pinterest!)

There were so many recipes I was excited to try! So here is what I made, and Milton absolutely loves it. I mix about 1/2 cup in with his dry food and add a little bit of hot water and mix it all up and bam! Dinner is served for Mr. Milton Jones.

I also found a section at Cub in Stillwater in the meat department that has “reduced-for-a-quick-sale” tags. I bought 3 lbs of hamburger for under $4.

3 lbs of hamburger

2 cups brown rice

5 cups water

1 large sweet potato, peeled and diced

1 apple (remove seeds)

1 bag frozen peas

3 large carrots, washed and peeled

Toss into a Crock-Pot, cook on high 6-8 hours. Then I mixed it all up with my favorite Pampered Chef Mix-and-Chop. I let it cool a bit, then packaged it into freezer baggies in measured amounts. I add half a baggie per meal. Every time I open a bag, I take another one out of the freezer to begin thawing for next time. Enjoy, pups!